Wet Concrete Batching Plant

Wet concrete batching plant is a general plant to mix general materials such as plastic concrete, dry hard concrete and other mortars. It can be widely used in the establishment of commercial concrete plant production and big scale concrete plant. The wet batch concrete plant mainly includes weighing system, aggregate supply system, mixing system, control system, cement silo and other subsystems. The wet mix concrete batch plant can be divided into stationary concrete plant and mobile concrete plant. As the name suggests, mobile concrete plant is easier to move than the stationary concrete plant. It also can be divided into the hopper type concrete plant and belt type concrete plant according to the feeding methods. What’s more, both of them have various kinds of sizes so that you can choose products according to the different requirements of matters.

concrete mixing plant

Wide Applications of Wet Concrete Batching Plant

  1. Because of the convenience of wet mix concrete batch plant, it can be used to produce ready mix concrete as a commercial business. It will highly increase the productivity of concrete industry.
  2. Wet concrete batching plant is suitable for the construction project such as roads, bridges, airports, tunnel and other municipaland non-municipal projects. The usage of concrete batching plant will makethe working time ahead of schedule compared with the old type construction.
  3. The wet batch concrete plant is an ideal choice for the project construction not only the private usage but also commercial functions.

Specifications of Wet Concrete Batching Plant

Model Bucket type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS500
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L) 800
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 3×3
Powder Storage Silo (ton) (Optional) 1×50
Max. Discharging Height (m) 3.8

Model Bucket type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 35
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS750
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L) 1200
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 3×5
Powder Storage Silo (ton) (Optional) 2×50
Max. Discharging Height (m) 4.1

Model Bucket type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 50
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS1000
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L) 1600
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 3×8
Powder Storage Silo (ton) (Optional) 1×100
Max. Discharging Height (m) 4.1

Type spectrum  Bucket type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 75
Mixer Model (mixer discharging capacity) JS1500
Nominal Capacity of Mixer (L) 2400
Max.aggregate Size (mm) Φ80
Aggregate Silo Capacity (m³) 3×12
Category of Aggregate (Optional) 3
Material Discharging Height (m) 4.1

Type spectrum   Bucket type
AJ-25 AJ-35 AJ-50 AJ-75
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25 35 50 75
Mixer Model (mixer discharging capacity) JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Motor Power (kW) 18.5 30 2×18.5 2×30
Cycle Period (s) 67 72 72 72
Nominal Capacity of Mixer (L) 800 1200 1600 2400
Max.aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60 Φ60 Φ80
Aggregate Silo Capacity (m³) 3×3 3×5 3×8 3×12
Category of Aggregate (Optional) 3 3 3 3
Powder Lot Bin Capacity (t) 1×50 1×50 1×100 2×100
Material Discharging Height (m) 3.8 4.1 4.1 4.1
Accuracy of Aggregate (kg) (300~1500)±2% (300~1500)±2% (600~3000)±2% (1000~3000)±2%
Accuracy of Cement (kg) (100~300)±1% (100~300)±1% (250~900)±1% (300~1800)±1%
(60~150)±1% (60~150)±1% (80~300)±1% (200~800)±1%
Accuracy of Water (kg)
/ (8~20) (8~20) (15~80)
Accuracy of Addtive (kg) ±1% ±1% ±1%
 Srandard Reference Weight (Ton) ≈15 ≈18 ≈23 ≈30
Installed Capacity (kW) ≈65 ≈75 ≈100 ≈140
Electricity Standard(Optional) 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz

Comparison between Dry Mix Concrete Plant and Wet Batch Concrete Plant


    1. Both dry mix concrete plant and wet concrete batching plant consist of the weighing system, aggregate supply system, mixing system, control system, cement silo and other subsystems.
    2. Both of them can achieve the semi automation and full automation. The automatic degree can be designed according to the requirements of customers.
    3. Environment friendly and safety are their relevant ideas in the process of design and manufacture

wet concrete batching plant


  1. We can say that the only difference between dry mix plant and wet mix concrete batch plant is water: dry mix concrete plant just mix the materials without water, and water will be addedduring the transportation processby the concrete mixer truck; the wet mix concrete plant is a perfect equipment to provide ready mix concrete.
  2. The dry mix concrete plant must cooperate with mixer truck, so it can makesure that the fresh concrete can be provided when the concrete reaches the construction scene.

dry mix concrete plant

Features and Advantages of Wet Concrete Batching Plant

  1. We select twin shaftconcrete mixer to ensure the mixing quality and improve the product capacity.
  2. The wet batch concrete plant is useful to medium or large scale construction project.
  3. The ideas of design are focus on the safety points, high capacity and environment friendly. On both sides of aggregate feeding system and cement silos, the safety fences are prepared. Safety fences on both sides of feeding system can prevent the drop of some aggregates.The fences on the cement silos are steps to climb to the top of silos.
  4. The arch broken system in the lower part of cement silohelps to avoid the accumulation of power and cement blockage,therefore, the productive rate will be increased.
  5. Dust elimination system helps to reduce the pollution during working process of concrete plant. The top of thecement tank is equipped with an electric dust eliminationdevice which can effectively absorb the suspended particles in the silos. As a result, it can reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment.
  6. Waste water treatment system also is importantto the environment. In order to protect our environment and develop the economy in healthy method, we must deal with the waste water properly; so we design our plant with the waste water system.

The Factors to Consider when Choosing a Satisfying Concrete Plant

  1. What kind of mixing machine is suitable depends on the performance marks of theconstruction of concrete. For example, in the water conservancy projects, the forced mixing machine must be selected. What’s more, according to the types of concrete materials which will be stirred, appropriatestations and silos are available to choose.
  2. Construction ground and objects must be fully considered before you pay for your concrete equipments to make sure that your construction project can go onunder the favorable and smooth circumstances.
  3. Generally speaking, the structure of small size mixing station is much simpler than the big size, and it is easy to operate. In the meantime, the employee’s characters are an important factor to operate the machine. Large scale concrete plant often owns high automation degree, so the skilled workers are necessary. Compared with the large scale plant, small size concrete plant, however, has lower automatic degree.

All in all, when you make a decision, please take every point into consideration for your own benefits. If you are not sure which concrete plant to buy, you can consult us, our professional engineers will give you some advice.

Reputable Wet Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer – Aimix

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AJ35 concrete plant exported
AJ35 concrete plant exported
concrete plant exported
concrete plant exported

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