The Use And Maintenance Details Of Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel concrete mixer has the characteristics of cold resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. In order to use diesel concrete mixer for a long time, it is necessary to maintain well the machine. Diesel concrete mixer is different from electric concrete mixer. You should pay special attention in its use and maintenance process.

1.Diesel concrete mixer uses diesel oil so before using the machine you should check the oil tank to see whether there is enough oil. Make ensure there is adequate oil in each box.

2.If the oil of diesel concrete mixer is not enough in the use process, you should add oil in time and remember to clean or replace the diesel fuel regularly.

3.You need to regularly check whether the screws on the diesel boxes are loose to repair them without delay. Check whether the welding of diesel tank is firm.
JZR500 diesel concrete mixer
4.Before using, the new machine should be tested. In the test, you should pay attention to the sound of the concrete mixer. At the same time, confirm the integrity of the mixing drum and mixing blade.

5.In the work process of diesel concrete mixer, the operators shall not put hand, head or tool into the mixing barrel.

6.When diesel concrete mixer finishes work, the users should clean the machine and make sure the lid of the oil box is closed before cleaning so as to prevent water entering the tank.

7.The diesel oil tank of diesel concrete mixer is very important. The users should often do rust and corrosion protection work to keep it in good condition.

The diesel concrete mixers and mobile concrete batching plants of our company have convenient transportation and simple installation. They are widely used in various engineering projects. If you want to buy, feel free to contact us or leave us a message.

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