Polished concrete preparation stir detection

Check the log file 9 project: cutting tendons , templates testing, steel banding , embedded parts installation, prestressed , concrete mixing preparation, pouring maintenance, Fang Zhang stripping, sanding rough board storage testing, pre fasteners 54 points installation and check the contents of a veto 19 items were meticulous, rigorous review . Two and a half … Read more

Holding station produces ready-mixed concrete

March 15, 2013, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Housing and achievements announced the ” Concrete mixing plant City Bureau of Housing and achievements on for 31 illegal production of ready-mixed concrete business processing reward and punishment decision,” the company holding a subordinate in a ready-mix concrete production station – concrete was ordered to stop aging … Read more

About Us

Founded in 1982, Aimix Group Co.,Ltd. is l800 meters south of the intersection of Science Avenue and Miaowang Road, Xingyang City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, which is considered to be the home of construction machinery in China and enjoys convenient transportation and well-development economy. After over 30-year development, we are now one of the leading … Read more

MWCB Modular Full-weighing Stabilized Soil Mixing Station


Stabilized soil mixing station is used to produce stabilized soil, which has played a key role in road engineering. Also, it is suitable for construction of base stabilized soil, such as, high class road, urban road, square and airport. What’s more, stabilized soil mixing station can continuously mix different grades finished stabilized soil of lime … Read more

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