Superior Concrete Batching Plant Has A High Degree Of Automation

The degree of automation is the main symbol of technical content of small concrete batching plant. After years of research and improvement, our company develops first-class industrial computer control system with the advantages of high-end intelligence, simple operation, and automatic control. The specific issues are as follows.

The dynamic panel can display the operation of each component of the mini concrete batching plant. At the same time, the data can be stored in the system. It can print all kinds of reports as required. The quantity of storage formula is huge. The control room is equipped with air conditioning to ensure the durability of electrical components.

The control system basically adopts two ways.

concrete batching plant
Firstly, double machine type. The system is composed of two sets of high performance computers. One set works as the main control production system and the other set acts as the management-monitoring system. The latter is backup machine of the former.

The main control system of mobile concrete batching plant has manual-automatic function. The data is shared between controller and manager. When the control machine fails, you can convert to the management machine for work thereby ensuring the normal operation in a maximum way.

Secondly, industrial computer with proportioning control instrument type. The data of the batching control instrument is input to the industrial computer and the signal can be output by the board or the PLC programmable controller. In the host discharge port, the batching stations and other key components can be equipped with surveillance cameras.

From the mini concrete batching plant to the large stationary concrete batching plant, our company has been moving forward in construction machinery. If you need to consult or purchase superior concrete batching plant, welcome to leave a message and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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