QT6-15 Block machine

Salt Brick Machine

Detail part of Salt Brick Machine

Technical Part

Model 500T
Nominal pressure KN 5000
System pressure (MPa) 25
Main cylinder stroke (mm) 500
Biggest opening height (mm) 1260
Ejection pressure (T) 50 (two sets)
Ejection cylinder stroke (mm) 400
Workbench  Effective area (mm*mm) Left-right(Distance between four post) 1000
Front-end(workbench back to end) 1000
Idle running down speed (mm/s) 246
Pressing speed (mm/s) 10-20
Return speed (mm/s) 170
Motor (kw) 18.5(two sets)
Ejecting force (T) 63
Note:This price contain mould and PLC.

Model 630T
Nominal pressure KN 6300
System pressure (MPa) 25
Main cylinder stroke (mm) 400
Biggest opening height (mm) 1200
Ejection pressure (T) 50 (two sets)
Ejection cylinder stroke (mm) 400
Workbench  Effective area (mm*mm) Left-right(Distance between four post) 1200
Front-end(workbench back to end) 1000
Idle running down speed (mm/s) 120
Pressing speed (mm/s) 12-20
Return speed (mm/s) 140
Motor (kw) 22.5(two sets)
Ejecting force (T) 63

Salt licking size

 Salt licking size ◇ 3kg, 5kg, 10kg salt brick for choice

◇ This Quotation is for 5kg salt brick.

◇ 3pcs every minutes

◇ 15cm cube

◇ Every material feeding can use about 3-4 hours


Item CL-500T
FOB Qingdao (USD) 39,200
Container 1*40HQ container
Payment term 30% by T/T in advance, 70%T/T after checking finished products before delivery
Warranty Period 15 month

Technical Feature

This hydraulic salt licking machine with four-beam?and?four?column structure, sufficient adopts every advantage and advanced technical from other mainly suppliers.

Salt licking hydraulic machine Pictures

Salt licking hydraulic machine

Machine body

◆Upper and botton bar of this hydraulic machine produced by high precision Plane milling machine. Four-bean and four column structure looks more beautiful on appearance.

Oil cylinder

◆Main oil cylinder takes the piston cylinder structure. Cylinder passed through rolling processing, and piston rod surface treated with hard chrome plating and polishing,

wear-resisting, corrosion resistance

Hydraulic system

◆There set magnetic block on inside oil mouth of hydraulic system,?to remove the iron filings and magnetic particles in oil.

Operation method

◆There have Point, manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic fours ways operation with PLC.

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