planetary concrete mixer

Planetary Concrete Mixer

This new type planetary concrete mixer is also called planetary centrifugal mixer. The machine has vertical shaft, which is different from the JS concrete mixers. As a professional manufacturer of planetary mixer machine, our company always produces high-quality mixer planetary. Now, planetary mixers are sold very well and enjoy a good reputation both home and abroad.

Planetary concrete mixers are widely used to produce common commercial concrete, precast concrete and high performance concrete. Apart from mixing ordinary concrete, the mixer can also mix color concrete, steel fiber concrete, foamed concrete, glass, ceramics and fireproof materials. Therefore, the industrial planetary mixer is suitable for kinds of construction projects, bridge and road construction projects.
planetary concrete mixer

Features of planetary mixers:

1.Advanced hydraulic pressure system is adopted to open and close the discharging door. Under the situation of sudden power failure, the manual pump can be used to open the discharging valve for emergency discharge to avoid agglomeration.

2.According to various demands of customers, the discharging door can be operated hydraulically, pneumatically or manually.

3.Mixing blades ensure the homogeneity of the material. Mixing blades’ motion track covers the whole drum after a cycle.

4.The gear box drives the mixing arms to move with complex track, and the mixing is turbulent, then the mixer works more effectively.

planetary mixer


Model: JN250
Discharging Volume (L): 250
Charging Volume (L): 375
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 600
Total Weight (Kg): 1200
Mixing Power (KW): 11
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2


Model: JN330
Discharging Volume (L): 330
Charging Volume (L): 500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 800
Total Weight (Kg): 1700
Mixing Power (KW): 15
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2


Model: JN500
Discharging Volume (L): 500
Charging Volume (L): 750
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 1200
Total Weight (Kg): 2000
Mixing Power (KW): 18.5
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2


Model: JN1000
Discharging Volume (L): 1000
Charging Volume (L): 1500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 2400
Total Weight (Kg): 6000
Mixing Power (KW): 37
Discharging Power (KW): 3

Specifications of concrete planetary mixer:

Model Discharging Volume (L) Charging Volume (L) Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm) Total Weight (Kg) Mixing Power (KW) Discharging Power (KW)
JN250 250 375 600 1200 11 2.2
JN330 330 500 800 1700 15 2.2
JN500 500 750 1200 2000 18.5 2.2
JN750 750 1125 1800 3500 30 2.2
JN1000 1000 1500 2400 6000 37 3
JN1500 1500 2250 3600 7000 55 3
JN2000 2000 3000 4800 8500 75 4
JN2500 2500 3750 6000 10500 90 4
JN3000 3000 4500 7200 11000 110 4

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