When Do You Need To Maintain Your Stabilized Soil Mixing Station

There may be some faults in the use process of your MWCB modular full-weighing stabilized soil mixing station. It is necessary for the operators to comprehensively understand the common problems. In this passage we will introduce some maintenance issues for you.

Maintenance Of Gas Source

When the pressure regulation is not high, there may be some fault in the pressure regulating spring or the diaphragm rupture. You should get it updated. When the pressure rise slowly, the filter may be blocked. You should remove and clean it.

Vulnerable Parts

1.Fatigue damage. In the manufacturing process, we adopt more relaxed section of the filter to improve the surface polishing and reduce the stress concentration of the parts. In addition, we use some other methods to improve the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of our products.

2.Friction damage. In order to reduce the amount of abrasive wear, we use wear-resistant materials as far as possible. When design the shape of stabilized soil mixing plant component, we minimize its friction resistance. When design the shape of JS series concrete mixer, we also adopt this method.
Stabilized Soil Mixing Station
3.Corrosion damage. In order to prevent the corrosion of spare parts, we apply corrosion resistant materials on the surface to prevent the direct contact with harmful medium. The surface of metal parts is provided with oil and the surface of nonmetal parts is provided with anti-corrosive paint.

Maintaining Valves

When the inlet or outlet exhaust hole of pilot solenoid valve is blocked by sludge or other debris, it may lead to serious result. Therefore, you should timely clean the solenoid valve and pilot valve core in order to avoid the vent debris clogging.

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