Main Standards of Setting up Environmental Concrete Batching Plants

Environmental protection is a great concern in today’s economic development. You must carefully check each item in setting up environmental protection concrete batching plant, which is also the basic requirement of the construction of green concrete batching plant. Standards of environmental concrete batching plants are mainly about how to effectively control dust, noise, waste water and solid waste, etc. In order to realize the goal of environmental production let’s see the following aspects you need to notice.

1.Dust control.

It is easy to produce dust in the production process of concrete batching plant which is mainly from feeding port, material field and powder tank. In order to eliminate the dust overflow, concrete mixer should be closed and stirred. The addition of movable color steel will also produce dust control effectively.

2.Waste water treatment.

concrete plant

Set in drains in the concrete batching plant and set in several three-sedimentation tanks in the terminal of the drains. Precast concrete batching plant should be equipped with solid-liquid separation device and filter device. Water of entire production area should achieve recycling use, that is, to achieve zero emission standards of environmental protection.

3.Noise control.

In the concrete batching plant, noise mainly comes from the concrete mixer, the air compressor and the concrete mixing truck. Equipment noise can be installed in the enclosed concrete structure which can not only strengthen the maintenance and repair in the process but also extend service life of equipment and reduce noise pollution. In view of the noise generated by the concrete mixing truck, you can set up isolation belts.

4.Solid waste disposal.

Solid waste in the concrete batching plant mainly contains solid waste and domestic waste. Building a unified garbage pool to do unified solid waste processing is useful according to the actual situation and living waste should be cleaned and transported by the municipal garbage truck.

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