General Introduction of Cement Silo

Cement silo is mainly used in commercial concrete batching plant and engineering concrete batching plant. Cement silo (cement tank) is suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. The tank is equipped with material level control system which can display the level of the material. In a concrete batching plant, cement silo (cement tank) is mainly used for storing raw materials of producing concrete such as cement, fly ash etc.

cement silo
The main components of cement silo (cement tank) are: steel structure of the silo body, ladder, guard bar, feeding tube, dust collector, safety pressure valve, level indicator, discharge valve.
Cement silo (cement tank) is in cylindrical shape, in the bottom of the silo, there are four supporting legs. The whole body of a cement silo is welded with steel.
1. When using a cement silo (cement tank), operators should hoist it with special crane, and then place it on prefabricated concrete foundation. After that, they should check whether the cement silo (cement tank) is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and make sure the bottom base is welded firmly with the embedded foundation parts.
2. After the storage silo fixed and the cement are transported to the site by concrete mixer truck, the operator should connect the concrete mixer truck’s transmission lines and cement silo (cement tank) feeding tube. The gas pressure of concrete mixer truck will push the cement into the cement silo (cement tank).
3. In the process of transporting cement to the inside of the storage bin, the operator must make sure the vibration motor of dust collector is working and make sure the vibration can shake off the dust attached on the bag of dust collector, in case the bag are blocked.
4. If the bag were blocked, pressure inside the silo will exceed the safety pressure, safety pressure valve will open to release pressure and prevent explosion accidents.
5. Operators can judge whether the silo is full or lacking of material through the level indicator.
6. When you need to discharge, open the manual discharge valve at the bottom, and then the cement will be conveyed through the screw conveyor.
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