dry mix concrete plant

Dry Concrete Batching Plant

Dry concrete batching plant is a special plant used to mix concrete. The difference between the dry and wet concrete batching plant is that the water is not added during the process of mixing. Compared with the common batching plant, the dry mix concrete batching plant has higher productivity, but it must work together with the concrete mixer truck in order to mix the concrete.
dry mix concrete plant

Just as the mobile concrete batching plant and stationary concrete batching plant, the dry mix concrete plant consists of the cement silos, feeding system, control system, weighing system and mixing system. Cement silos are the container to keep and supply raw materials such as cement, sand, and fly ash according to the necessity of the production. Feeding system is a bridge to connect the aggregates and the mixing system. The accuracy of weighing system determines the quantity of the mixed materials, so it has a great effect on the quality of mixed concrete. The mixing system just mix the materials together without water. As a result, the mixer truck is important to convey and mix the concrete. The control system is the core of the whole plant. Workers operate the concrete equipment in the control room so the full-automation can achieved.

Specifications of Dry Mix Concrete Plant:

Model PLD560 PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600
Kinds of Aggregate 2  2/3 2/3/4 2/3/42
Weighing Hopper Capacity 560L 800L 1200L 1600L
Aggregate Bin Capacity 2X0.95m3 2/3X3.2m3 2/3/4X7.3m3 2/3/4X8.38m3
Productivity 30m3/h 48m3/h 60m3/h 80m3/h
Feeding Height 2300mm 2840mm 2656/2981mm 2944/3050mm
Batching Accuracy ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Power 3X4kw 3/4X4kw 3/4/5X4kw 3/4/5X4kw

Characteristics of Dry Mix Concrete Plant

  1. The particularthing of dry mix plant is that the materials are mixed without water. Water will be added in the process of transportation by concrete mixer truck, so the cooperation between dry mix plant and mixer truck is important.
  2. Just as the other mixing plants such as mobile and stationary concrete plant, the dry mix concrete plant also can achieve automation. Both semi automation and full automation in the control equipment are available.
  3. If there is a quite long distance to the construction site, dry concrete batching plant is an ideal choice for the manufacturers. On the way to the construction site, the drum of mixer truck can keep rotatingin order to prevent the mixed concrete from hardening and ensure the freshness of the materials.
  4. It’s quick and easy to set upthe dry mix concrete equipment. All of the parts are designed separately in order that they can move or install conveniently.
  5. These equipments used in cement work are reliable becausewe take the latest technology into our design.

concrete batching machine

Superiority of Dry Batching Concrete Plant

  1. Because concrete can be mixed without water, so it has higher capacity and lower energy consumption.
  2. The cooperationbetween dry batching plant and mixer truck can enhance the productivity and save time.
  3. You can use the fresh concrete because it can be made when the mixer trucks arrive at the construction site.
  4. The dry mix concrete plants are in stable performance and long service time because the raw materials of components we use arein good quality.
  5. The process of maintenanceis easy and safe because the products we designed take every safe point into consideration. What’s more, you had better operate the equipment as required.
  6. Our company Aimix from China has the strength to ensure the quality through more than 30 years’study and development, so you can believe our brands and strengths.

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After-sale Service Provided by Our Company

  1. We’llguide you to finish the installation when the products arrived in your construction site.
  2. We promise that we’ll help you to deal with the problems you encountered in theprocess of usage.
  3. You can learn how to operate and maintain the concrete equipment properly from us.
  4. You can consult any question to us about our products, and we’ll be pleased to provide some assistance.
  5. As a one-stop service platform, our company can help you trainingthe concrete batching plant operators. We’ll tell you how to operate and maintain the concretebatching plant properly.

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Methods to Choose a Dry Mix Concrete Plant

  1. There are manytypes of concrete batching plant in the market, but the best is the one that fits you. Aimix provides not only various kinds of concrete plants but also customized solution to customers.
  2. It is important to choose a suitable concrete batching plant according to your projects. We can providethe most appropriate planfor your projects.
  3. If you don’t know the professional informationabout this kind of products, you’d better pick a reputable and powerful supplier. In a reliable company, you may get more reliable goods, services and experiences so you can gain the goods more favorable.
  4. Atlast, no matter what kind of concrete plant, the one which is proper is best. The concrete batching plant in different types and varies sizes are supplied in our company. Such as hopper type concrete plant and belt type concrete plant, small concrete plant and large size concrete plant.We are sure that you can find the one you need in our company.

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Reliable and Powerful Manufacturer and Supplier – Aimix

As one of the leaders in Chinese concrete equipment manufacturers and suppliers, we have strengths to give you enough products or information related to our products. The achievements in the past 30 years we have reached have proved the strengths our companies owned. We’ll insist on unremitting efforts to do the best in our products and services. No matter what kind of products about concrete equipment you need to know, please keep in touch with us at once, and we’ll be happy to deal with your problems.

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