Concrete Mixer

As one of the most important construction materials, concrete has been playing an important role. Concrete batching plant is the professional equipment for concrete producing. We can say that concrete mixer is the most important configure of concrete batching plant. Batch mixer can also be used independently.

Cement mixers or concrete mixers are used to mix cement, aggregate, water and other materials. The mixer machine is mainly composed of mixing cylinder, feeding-discharging mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame, supporting device, etc.

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Main Classifications And Characteristics

We have various models of cement mixers for sale. There are many different types of concrete mixers based on different classification standards. The details and characteristics are as follows.

1.According to the operating mode, concrete mixers can be divided into sub cycle type cement mixers and continuous operation type batch mixers.

Continuous small concrete mixer is provided with spiral stirring blade. The various materials are respectively fed into the batch mixer according to certain mixing ratio after successive weighing. Continuous batch mixer has advantages of short mixing time, high productivity and so on thereby getting remarkable development in recent years.

2.According to the stirring method, concrete mixer is divided into self loading concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer.

Self loading concrete mixer has a long history. As early as the beginning of 20th century, the drum concrete mixer driven by steam has begun to appear. After the 1950s, the double reversing cone concrete mixer, the tilting batch mixer as well as split drum concrete mixer and so on have come out.

The inner wall of mixing drum of self loading concrete mixer is provided with a stirring blade which is arranged radially. The material is lifted to a certain height and then falls down by dead weight. The cycle of this movement can achieve uniform mixing effect. Due to the simple structure of self loading concrete mixer, it is mainly used for mixing plastic concrete.

self loading concrete mixer
Forced concrete mixer has been developed since the beginning of the 1950s. After the 1970s, with the application of lightweight aggregate, the circular groove horizontal shaft type forced concrete mixer appeared. Forced concrete mixer is divided into single shaft horizontal cement mixer and twin shaft horizontal concrete mixer.

The stirring blade of our forced cement mixer for sale has the advantages of small line speed, good abrasion resistance, low energy consumption, etc. The materials in the mixing drum forms cross flows under the strong action. Forced concrete mixer is far stronger than self loading concrete mixer. Therefore, forced batch mixer is suitable for mixing dry and hard concrete.

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3.According to the installation mode, batch mixer is divided into stationary concrete mixer and mobile concrete mixer.

Mobile concrete mixer is equipped with a mobile device which can be transferred conveniently according to the actual needs of construction sites and it is especially suitable for small and medium construction projects. Mobile concrete mixer mainly consists of motor, gear reducer, mixing shaft and paddle blade, etc.

4.According to the unloading material method, concrete mixers can be divided into tilting concrete mixers and non tilting cement mixers.

5.According to the shape of the mixing drum, there are mainly five types of concrete mixers: pear type batch mixer, concrete drum mixer, double cone type cement mixer, disc vertical axis concrete mixer and circular groove horizontal axis type concrete mixer.

Concrete drum mixer is the most common model of batch mixer in construction industry, which possesses the features of small area, low speed while high efficiency, and energy saving.

Drum Concrete Mixer
6.According to the stirring capacity, there are large concrete mixer, medium concrete mixer and small concrete mixer.

The main features of small concrete mixer contain light weight, small size, labor saving, high efficiency, multipurpose, easy to carry, strong adaptability, etc. Small concrete mixer is widely used in gray sand mixing decoration tile, landscape engineering floor concrete mixing, small masonry mortar, plastering mortar mixing site, sand ash mixing and so on.

7.According to the power system, concrete mixers can be divided in to diesel concrete mixers and electric concrete mixers.

Diesel concrete mixer can greatly meet the needs of construction sites in the areas where lack electricity power. Diesel concrete mixer is an integral type of concrete mixer. With mobile and flexible features, diesel concrete mixer is free from the restriction of sites. You can transit it according to needs.

Diesel concrete mixer is available for high-rise buildings, bridge construction, tunnel projects, industrial and mining enterprises, military facilities, etc. The mechanical maintenance or operation of diesel concrete mixer is relatively simple so diesel concrete mixer can be equipped with fewer operation staff.

JZR500 diesel concrete mixer
Electric concrete mixer is also one important branch of batch mixers for sale. Our electric concrete mixer contains high speed starting torque and a series of low noise motors. The mixing drum is provided with vibrator which can greatly improve the mixing effect, obviously accelerate the discharge speed and effectively avoid the precipitation of concrete.

Electric concrete mixer is suitable for heavy industry, light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical projects, etc. It can be used to mix concrete, plaster, fodder, powder and so on with good mixing effects.

JZC500 electric concrete mixer
Features And Advantages

Batch mixer has the advantages of simple operation, reasonable structure, high efficiency and so forth. The gear-ring meshing technology can effectively overcome the problems of rainy weather or supporting slippage between the wheel and the roller. The transmission mechanism can further eliminate the idler slippage phenomenon.

In order to ensure the mixing quality of concrete, the concrete mixing of our professional concrete mixer machine is required to be even. The mixing time is short. The discharge is fast and the residual quantity is little. The energy consumption is low with less pollution.

The main factors affecting the mixing quality of concrete mixer for sale contain the structure of the batch mixer, the concrete mixer feeding capacity, the ratio of the cement mixing cylinder volume, the mixture feeding program, the feeding position, the geometry configuration, the arrangement of the stirring blades, the stirring speed and the blade wear lining board, etc.

As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and enterprise, we provide various concrete mixers such as JS series concrete mixer, JSS twin shaft concrete mixer, JDC series single shaft concrete mixer, JZ series concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer and so on. We can make appropriate adjustments to them to meet the requirements of our clients. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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