Concrete Boom Pump for Sale

A concrete boom pump refers to a concrete pump with boom. It has many other names, such as concrete pump trucks, boom pump trucks etc. In China, we also call it sky pump, because it can convey concrete mixture to very high buildings. For example, the max conveying height of a concrete boom pump produced in China can reach 101m. That means the concrete pumping work of buildings whose height are under 101 meters can be done with the help of the sky pump.

concrete boom pump

Concrete boom pump trucks are attached to chassis. It is called as a boom concrete pump because it uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm (called a boom) to place concrete accurately. Boom concrete pumps are used on most of the larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping at very high volumes. Besides, it’s labour saving when using a concrete pump with boom to convey concrete to high buildings.

Specifications of concrete boom pumps for sale Aimix provide

We provide both mini concrete boom pumps and large boom concrete pumps range from 20m, 25m, 28m, 30m, 33m, 35m, 38m, 42m, 45m, 48m, 56m. The following three types are the models on sale.

25m 29m 33m
Pump system Pumping capacity m3/h 70 90 90
Theoretical outlet pressure Mpa 11 12 12
Rated working pressure Mpa 32 32 32
Distribution valve type S pipe valve
Pumping frequency Min-1 26/16 28/17 30/19
Inner diameter of delivery pipe mm 125 125 125
Jib system Jib structure 25XH-4M 29XH-4M 33X-5RZ
Max.Placing height m 25 29 33
Max.Placing radius m 21.4 25 30
Max. Placing depth m 14.4 18.2 23.2
Rotation angle ° 390 390 390
Truck Chassis Truck brand FAW, DONGFENG, SINOTRUK, FOTON, ISUZU or customized.
Wheelbase mm 4700-5200
Engine power HP 180-340

Concrete boom pump history

Until the early 20th century, concrete was mixed on the job site and transported from the cement mixer to the formwork, either in wheelbarrows or in buckets lifted by cranes. This required a lot of time and labor. In 1927, the German engineers Max Giese and Fritz Hull came upon the idea of pumping concrete through pipes. They pumped concrete to a height of 38 meters (125 ft) and a distance of 120 meters (130 yd). Shortly after, a concrete pump was patented in Holland in 1932 by Jacob Cornelius Kweimn (Jacobus Cornelius Kooijman). This patent incorporated the developer’s previous German patent. The appearance of concrete pump brings much convenience to modern construction.

Differences between truck mounted concrete boom pump and trailer concrete pump

1, concrete boom pumps
The main reason why the concrete boom pumps is called the sky pump is that it can transport the concrete to a quite high height(more than 100 meters), which makes up for the shortage of other concrete pumps. Compared with other concrete pumps, the boom pump has its own boom, which can transport concrete without manual pipe, which is very convenient to use. In addition, the concrete pump and boom is equipped with a car chassis, so it can walk independently compared to the trailer concrete pump. With chassis, the movement of a boom pump is quite convenient, and it can be quickly moved from one work site to another.
2, trailer concrete pumps
Trailer concrete pumps are used very frequently in many large basements. Because they do not have a boom, they require human labour to connect a pipe to the pump body when put into use. Therefore, it needs more human labour when using a trailer concrete pump. What’s more, the conveying distance of a trailer concrete pump is limited, which is much shorter than that of a boom pump.
In general, we can conclude their differences in the following aspects:
1.Pumping height
A boom concrete pump can convey concrete to much higher places
Boom concrete pumps are much more flexible than trailer pumps
3.Labor consumption
Boom pumps are much more labour saving.
cost of a concrete boom pump is higher than trailer concrete pump
It can be seen that both the boom pump and the trailer pump have their own advantages. The concrete pump with boom is convenient to use, but the trailer concrete pump can meet the demand for smaller size construction projects, and the price is relatively cheap. Therefore, when choosing a concrete pump, the user can select the corresponding concrete pump according to his own needs.

features of boom

Features of our concrete pump with boom

1.Large pumping capacity with high efficiency.
2.Full hydraulic system guarantee stable pumping performance.
3.The whole concrete pump truck is flexible, reliable, stable and safe.
4.Unique arm frame buffer technology can reduce the high pressure value system, even in the case of high output to make the boom steady.
5.This concrete pump is combined with high reliability, economy, safety and durability.

features of aimix boom pump

How to choose concrete boom pump trucks

1.Determine the maximum pumping quantity, the length of the boom arm, the parameters of the boom arm and the corresponding chassis according to the condition and the size, cycle length of construction project. The main performance parameters of the commonly used concrete pump trucks should be consistent with the construction requirements or slightly larger. Otherwise, the equipment utilization rate will be low or the construction requirements will not be met and accelerate the wear and tear of concrete boom pump trucks.
2.Construction adaptability
The concrete pump truck has great flexibility. It is not only easy to move but also very convenient to use. Most of the products on the market today have the boom lengths of 28m.
The 36m concrete pump trucks are a large-volume product on the market, accounting for about 75%. the height of the concrete pump truck boom exceeds
3.The cost of 42 meters tends to increase greatly, and it is limited by the space on the construction site, so it is rarely used.
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