Concrete equipment manufacturer in China

Changli is earlier concrete equipment manufacturer in China, since 1982, it has begun to manufacture concrete batching plant, concrete pump, concrete mixer, asphalt plant, dry mortar mixing plant and other concrete equipment and machines. Changli has exported the concrete machines and concrete equipment to some countries.

  • Skip Hoist Type Concrete Mixing Plant-Skip Hoist Type Concrete Mixing Plant-Skip Hoist Type Concrete Mixing Plant
  • Skip Hoist Type Concrete Mixing Plant 1. Feeding materials by elevator hopper and concrete batching plant occupies a smaller area.
    2. This kind of Concrete Batching Plant has low cost and high mobility.
    3. Our modular Concrete...
  • Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Mixing Plant-Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Mixing Plant-Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Mixing Plant
  • Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Mixing Plant 1. Leading professional design and manufacturing;
    2. Separately measure all kinds of materials;
    3. This conveyor belt type Concrete Mixing/Batching Plant is widely used for medium-sized ma...
  • JS Series Concrete Mixer-JS Series Concrete Mixer-JS Series Concrete Mixer
  • JS Series Concrete Mixer 1. Leading professional design and manufacture;
    2. Excellent skills assured the accuracy between blades and cylinder;
    3. Noise reduction;
    4. Prolong the life of blades and scaleboard;
  • Concrete Mixing Truck-Concrete Mixing Truck-Concrete Mixing Truck
  • Concrete Mixing Truck 1.high quality, advanced technology
    2.great durability ;wide application ;volume optional
    3.reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and easy maintenance, etc. it is o...
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant-Asphalt Mixing Plant-Asphalt Mixing Plant
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant 1.The original modular design of the mixing plant makes transport and installation work quick and convenient. It can separate extra-large flotsam from usable stuff.
    2. The loop belt feeder for th...
  • Wheel Loader-Wheel Loader-Wheel Loader
  • Wheel Loader 1. Leading professional design and manufacture;
    2. Install different configurations depending on customer’s special requirements;
    3. Easy operation and high efficiency;
    4. Long se...
  • Tower Crane-Tower Crane-Tower Crane
  • Tower Crane 1. The tower crane is equipped with all kinds of reliable safety devices, such as hoisting height limiter, slewing range limiter and multifunctional limiter to control the load moment, hoisting capaci...
Long time in the field of manufacturing concrete plants, concrete pumps, mixers and related concrete equipments has Changli accumulate lots of experience of making high quality concrete equipment. Changli controls every steps of production for making high quality concrete batching plant, concrete mixer etc. such as incoming materials, the parts manufacturing, storing, process of concrete equipment manufacturing. And the production management and quality control are treated big tasks in Changli, because they are related the quality and production efficiency. Well
trained staff make sure they strictly comply with the manufacturing process and work efficiently.

Changli is as an experienced concrete batching plant, mixer, concrete pump, asphalt plant exporter from China. The staff in Changli knows how to deal the business with international concrete buyers, and offer good service after sales, including installation, workers training, the replacing parts offering.

Chanli is located in Zhengzhou, a heavy industry city in China, it gives factories in the city advantages to easily obtain the parts and materials of manufacturing the concrete equipment and machines need. Changli has sold concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, and related concrete equipments to Russia, United States, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil and so on.